July 2012

Dear Guest, Due to personal commitments the time I used to dedicate to maintain this blog has been suspended, although I keep very little contact with the BPAs, they are still in the same places and waiting your kind support. Please remember them. Thankyou Kindly, JEG.

27 December 2012

HLA Khin - released

I'm happy to announce that HlaKhin was released on 23rd December 2012.  I do not know his plans, he sent me a short card with his news... I'm very happy for him.


17 December 2012


32) Yan Kyaw

DOB/Age:  41 years old as at Dec'12
Married with two children

I was told, I was wrong

Burmese do not want Rohingyas, Burmese do not 'want' to recognise Rohingyas.

Many times we want to be there for others, for convenience, for support, for our sense of compassion, just to show off, something to do with our time, for many reasons we just want to be there.

08 August 2012

Travel agent's killers sentenced to 100 years jail

By: Lindsay Murdoch, Phuket 
Date: August 8, 2012 - 6:40PM 

Two Thai criminals have been sentenced to the equivalent of 100 years' imprisonment for the murder of Australian travel agent Michelle Smith on the Thai resort island of Phuket.

18 December 2010


(31) Suthip Kompha

DOB/Age:  35yrs @ 2009 Sep 15th

From: Burma, Karen (living at Mon)

SOM CHAI (Burma)

(30) Som Chai (Burma

DOB/Age: 38 years old - 7 Sep'1972

From: Burma, Rakhine (Arakan)


(29) Praphot Prawonhae (Burma)


From: Burma, Shan


(28) Maung Pyone


From: Burma, Kayan

LEE LWIN (Burmese)

(27) Lee Lwin (Burmese)


From: Burma


(26) Kyaw Moe Burma


From: Burma

JOE (Karen)

(25) Joe (Karen)


From: Burma


(23) Hla Khin - RELEASED

DOB/Age:  36 years old as at August 2010

From: Burma from Arakan 


(24) Htay Win

DOB/Age: 44yrs @ 2010

From: Burma - Mingaladone, Yangone

CHI CHI (Burma)

(22) Chi Chi (Burma)

DOB/Age:  30yrs @ Aug’10

From: Burma, Karen

28 June 2010

Win Naing (Burma)

(21) Win Naing (Burma)

DOB/Age: 33 years old

From: Burma

Tin Oo Lwin

(20) Tin Oo Lwin

From: Burma

Loong Chai Kham

(19) Loong Chai Kham
DOB/Age: 36 years old (as at 28 Jun'10)

From: Burma

Lao Ta Joyear

(18) Lao Ta Joyear
DOB/Age: 15 October 1976

From: Shan State, Burma

Kyaw Kyaw Khine

(17) Kyaw Kyaw Khine

From: Sittwe, Arakan, Burma

Kyaw (Burma)

(16) Kyaw (Burma)


Billy (Burma)

(15) Billy (Burma)


From: Burma

Aung Naing Rakhine

(14) Aung Naing Rakhine
DOB/Age: 44 years old (as at Jan'10)

From:Rakhine, Arakan, Burma

15 December 2009

Ar Lee

(13) Ar Lee
DOB/Age: 13 June 1975 (34 as at 2009)

From: Kyin State, Burma

Nong Thai Yai

(12) Nong Thai Yai

DOB/Age: 7 August 1975 (34 as at 2009)

From: Shan State, Burma

26 August 2009

Nyunt Maung

11) Nyunt Maung (Myanmar) (English)

DOB/Age: 38 years old (as at Aug 09)

From: Kyauk Taw Township in Rakhine (Arakan) State

Achai Burma

10) Achai Burma

DOB/Age: 20 August 1986

From: Karen State

30 July 2009

Burmese Migrant worker sentenced to life in Thai prison

IMNA - On July 27th, a judge from the Lan Suan court sentenced a Burmese migrant worker to life in prison. The trail began in 2007 after the migrant worker was accused, with two other suspects, of murdering a father and his two daughters.

28 July 2009

Than Oo

(9) Than Oo (English)

DOB/Age: 20 March 1975

Min Naing

(8) Min Naing (Burmese Only)

DOB/Age: 9 December 1976

From: Kyaing Toon Township, Shan State

Tun Win (Maung)

(7) Tun Win (Maung) (English)

DOB/Age: 1975

From: Sittwe Township, Arakan State

03 July 2009

Malaysia urged to stop caning immigrants

(news.com.au) Kuala Lumpur - Agence France-Presse

HUMAN rights watchdog Amnesty has urged Malaysia to abolish caning, saying that tens of thousands of migrants have received the "inhuman and degrading" punishment in recent years.

Amnesty cited a statement

02 July 2009

Burmese Injured in Malaysian Camp Riots

The Irrawaddy News

Eight Burmese detainees were wounded after a small riot broke out at the Semenyih Immigration camp near Kajang Township, in Malaysia on Wednesday.

Speaking to The Irrawaddy on Thursday, Aung Lwin Oo,

26 June 2009

20 May 2009

Kyi Ka Ren

6) Kyi (Ka Ren)

DOB/Age: 1 December
38 years old (as at 2008)

From: Kyar In Sape Gyi Township - Karen

Myo Tun - Irrawaddy

5) Myo Tun (Little English likes someone to practice)

Nickname: Jack

DOB/Age: 21 October
32 years old (as at 2008)

From: Irrawaddy Division

Mae La - Karen

4) Mae La - Karen (Burmese)

60 years old (as at 2008)

Hlaing Poi Township – Karen

Emailing a Prisoner - Updated 14 December 2009

Strict Censorship

We are very fortunate to have this email system for our BPA prisoners at Bangkwang. It helps a lot at both ends, using the emailing system must also be courteous as all correspondence goes through censorship.


29 April 2009

BDR hands over 68 Burmese citizens to Nasaka

Teknaf, Bangladesh (KPN): Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) handed over 68 Burmese citizens to the Burmese authority (Burmese border security force, or Nasaka), yesterday afternoon at the high level flag meeting between the BDR and Nasaka, held at a rest house of border town Teknaf, Bangladesh, according to our correspondent.

Burma to accept Bangladesh prisoners

(DVB)–Burma has agreed to take back 68 Burmese nationals who have been imprisoned in Bangladesh following a meeting between the Burmese government and a Bangladeshi paramilitary border force.

23 April 2009

Pauk's Birthday in early May

Would you like to send him a card or an email?

Can be Emailed to:
Subject: Pongsak Saeung - Bangkwang Building 6
(remember the subject is very important in order to have your message delivered to him)

Or post a card to:
Pongsak Saeung
Bangkwang Central Prison
Building # 6
117 Nonthanburi Road
Nonthanburi 11000

Self-exiled Aussie dies in Bangkok

What is left to return to?...

Lindsay Murdoch and Jim Pollard
SMH - April 23, 2009 - 7:48AM

A Melbourne man who preferred to live in a crowded Bangkok immigration cell rather than return to Australia has died.

Colin Hansch, 61, told Thai authorities he would rather stay in jail than return to Australia, even though he only slept on a mat and received a small serve of rice and soup each day.

"I've not been back to Australia for 30 years. I don't want to go back. I've got nothing to go back to," Mr Hansch said last year.

15 February 2009

အက်ဥ္းသမားမ်ား ထိုင္းဘုရင္ထံ လြတ္ၿငိမ္းခ်မ္းသာခြင့္ ေတာင္းခံျခင္း

ထိုင္းႏိုင္ငံအက်ဥ္းေထာင္ထဲက ႏွစ္ရွည္အက်ဥ္းသမားေတြဟာ တစ္ႏွစ္တစ္ခါ ထိုင္းဘုရင္ဆီကို

12 February 2009

Rogue Agent betrayed Burmese rebels - India

By Salai Pi Pi
Wednesday, 11 February 2009 23:08

New Delhi (Mizzima)- India's leading Human Rights lawyer Nandita Haksar said there are more political motives than legal reasons for India to have detained 34 Burmese rebels, who are currently lodged in Kolkata's Presidency jail. They have been in Indian jails for the past 11 years.

OLAT 77 Newsletter 2008 Overview - Ex-Angel of Bangkwang

OLAT 77 Newsletter 2008 Overview  

29 January 2009

Royal Pardon process - Urgent request

Once a year prisoners with 'long stay' in Thailand prisons submit their petitions to the King requesting His Royal Highness pardon.

This is a long process and very legal as it involves summaries of the case and the sentence.

05 January 2009

Bangladesh to release 20 more foreign prisoners

Narinjara News

Bangladesh plans to release more than 20 foreign prisoners shortly. Six foreign prisoners were freed last month, said a report.

Six foreign prisoners – four Burmese, one North Korean and one Tanzanian were released last one month after their jail term of more than 15 years came to an end.

02 January 2009

Released Burmese prisoners languish in Bangladesh prison

Narinjara News
January 1, 2009

Cox's bazar: Burmese prisoners accounting for 105 people, though released have been languishing in Bangladesh prison since 2006 because the Burmese military government refuses to recognize them as Burmese citizens.

30 October 2008

BIRTHDAY REMINDER... 21st November

Will be Soepaing's Day

Wouldn't be nice to receive

few cards and or emails on that Special Day?

Send this eCard !

26 October 2008

Somboon Jansuree - Shan

3) Somboon Jansuree (English)

42 years old (as at 2008)

Pa-Ot - Shan

Tun Hein - Arakan

2) Tun Hein Arakan
(Speaks and writes only in Burmese)

32 years old... (as at 2008)

Arkan Rakhine

Pong Sak Saeung

1) PONG SAK SAEUNG – Rangoon (English)


DOB/Age:7 May 1966
43 years (as at 2009) Buddhist

Rangoon (Yangon)